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Exempt Photos

GTC: Undersized photos in "Good til Cancelled" (GTC) listings that existed prior to the photo size compliance deadline were grandfathered. If grandfathered listings are subsequently edited, or ended and relisted, or are affected by new mandates, the photos must then comply with the size policy. eBay no longer returns the GTC status, so GTC listings are no longer marked in this tool.

Stock photos inserted by eBay from its product catalog are not subject to the new size requirements and are marked light gray in this tool.

Description photos: Third-party photos added to the description area are exempt from the policy and can be any size and can include text, borders, logos, and other elements that would not be allowed in product photos that appear at the top of the listing.

Other Picture Policies

While you are updating your photos, here are other eBay Picture Policies to keep in mind:

Borders: eBay will NOT allow adding borders to photos. Borders that are part of the item are allowed, but you can not add one with an image editor. When the edge of the item is important to see, as with stamps and cards, the solid background behind the item may look like a border, but is not considered a border by eBay's filters.

Backgrounds: Backgrounds ARE allowed, but eBay discourages busy backgrounds because they display very poorly on mobile devices. eBay recommends photographing items against a plain backdrop, as neutral backgrounds will enhance, without overpowering, the item.

Text, Logos, Watermarks: eBay will NOT allow adding text, timestamps, logos, or advertising to photos. However, you MAY add a discreet ownership watermark as long as it does not obscure the item. eBay recommends no more than 5% coverage and 50% opacity for the ownership mark. As a test, if the mark attracts your attention, then it is too large or bold. A watermark may encroach on the image, but shouldn't distract from it or hide details. As of July 2017, watermarks are no longer allowed.

Marking flaws: You MAY apply a simple line, circle, or arrow to call out a flaw or defect. However, you may not add any sort of text to the markings.

Composites: eBay WILL allow composite photos and inset photos. The first is useful when items are skinny and a front and back composite would make a nice square image. The latter is useful when showing a detail together with a full item shot, one being an inset or overlay to the other. You may also use a composite photo to highlight the location of flaws or details. Hint: Overlay the flaw closeup on the full shot where the flaw or detail is located.

Browser Warnings

This tool stores and processes a lot of data and requires maximum browser memory. If you have thousands of listings, it is best to close all unneeded applications before clicking the "get items" button.

Mobile devices have inadequate browser memory and should not be used with this tool. Safari and Chrome are resource-hungry applications already, and the demands of this tool may exceed their remaining allocation of memory. Internet Explorer 10 may fall into the same realm but has yet to be tested. To reduce memory usage and improve performance, you can turn off photo display at the top of the tool.

If you notice your browser slowing considerably, hear the fan come on, or a general whirring of disk or fan activity, your browser has approached maximum memory and it is time to stop and take stock of what you have already tested. If you continue, the browser may become too busy to respond (freeze) or may simply shut down. You may have to reboot.

For comparison, this tool has successfully loaded and processed 10,000 listings when run from Firefox 21 and Safari 5 on XP and Internet Explorer 8 on an XP notebook.


Fetching your listing data and image data is very time consuming. (If you have 10,000 listings, they may take up to two full minutes to appear before testing can begin — see browser warnings in the left column.) Here are some tips to streamline the retrieval process.

Get eBay Listings

The "Get Items" button at the top of the form will retrieve your first 10,000 active listings from eBay and will display 25 items per page with up to several hundred page buttons arranged above and below the list. ALL the item pages are stored at first load, so you only need to click the "Get Items" button once, and you can view the other pages and image sizes without having to retrieve again from eBay.

The retrieved data is stored with the webpage you have open in your browser, and if you leave it open, the data will persist as you switch between item pages. If you again click the "Get Items" button, you will be starting all over again, so avoid that once you get started.

Check Image Sizes

Image sizes are automatically checked one page at a time, and as each page is loaded, the results are added to the data stored in the browser so that if you return to a previous page, the contents will load more quickly.

The first time each page loads, the tool will retrieve all of your eBay-hosted product photos for that page and will display the largest available dimensions for each photo. If the size is not readily available as part of the image, the tool will need to load the largest image into the page in order to calculate its size. You may see some photos load slower than others as it performs this secondary test.

As each image loads, you should see the background color change from purple to a color representing the image size. The images may not load in order, so you may see some skipped rows that fill in later.

A spinner and counter will indicate loading and completion, and a summary report will appear below the list. If an image row remains purple after the page appears to have finished updating, it may be due to an externally hosted photo or a missing photo. If the page has timed out, you can retest a purple row, or reload a broken image, by clicking the row number in the first column.

eBay treats each variation in a listing as a separate line, so the tool will gray out the variations that appear on the same page. Occasionally an item will appear twice on the list due to the way items are retrieved from eBay. Those duplicates may also appear as gray rows.

Click the thumbnail in the middle column if you would like to view the actual photo in a new window.

Self-Hosted Photos

This tool normally tests only eBay-hosted photos. If you use third-party image hosting with eBay's "Self-Hosting" uploader, your photos may not appear in the scan. This would be apparent if too many items display purple.

If you know that you are self-hosting, enter the name of your image host in the slot at the top of the form and the tool will scan both third-party and eBay photos. If you use more than one outside image host, add them all, separated by commas.

The tool requires only the "domain.com" portion of the host, and you can rescan a page after adding a host name (you do not need to "get items"). Self-hosted photo dimensions will display bolder than eBay hosted dimensions.

Next Page & Auto Scan

After you have processed and reviewed one page of listings, you can click a page button above or below the list to process another page of data that has been stored in the browser.

The "Auto Scan" button can be used to automatically scan all pages of items and produce a summary list of item numbers for all pages. Scanning 10,000 listings can take 1 to 4 hours and should not be attempted on a system with inadequate memory or while other applications are running. Once the scan is complete, the data will be cached in the browser so that you can quickly view data on different pages.

Generate Enlargements
(only if desperate)

eBay recommends that you replace undersized photos with new full-sized photos, and we also recommend doing so. However, if you are desperate, and can't get full-sized replacement photos in time, this tool can generate a temporary (lower quality) enlargement as a placeholder in your listings.

To automatically generate a 502-pixel enlargement for all the undersized photos on one page, click the "enlarge" button below the list. The results will vary depending on the original size. Images that are over 400 pixels, and are closer to 500 pixels, will have better success than smaller images. Smaller images may show very poor results, and should be replaced with new originals rather than using the enlarger on this tool.

Enlargements will appear in the right-side columns next to red-marked or orange-marked photos that are under 500 pixels. If you would like to use the enlargement in a listing revision, click the enlargement thumbnail to open a popup view and copy to your desktop (make sure you allow popups on this site). Alternatively, you can copy the url address from the final slot or from the popup preview and enter it into an eBay "Copy Web Files" slot on eBay's Classic image uploader or into the "Import from web" option on the new Enhanced uploader.

Enlargements are good for only 48 hours in the tool, but after you copy them to their permanent location on eBay or to your computer, you will no longer need the 48-hour temporary enlargement.

TIPS: Triple-click URL to highlight the entire line and then right-click-copy or drag/drop.
Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE9+ users: you may select eBay's new enhanced image uploader and drag/drop the enlarged thumbnail onto the "import from web" URL slots.

Revise Listing

Large sellers should make revisions within whatever bulk listing tool is used for listings. But smaller sellers, or those with few changes to make, may want to edit directly on eBay's SYI (Sell Your Item) listing form. The "revise" button on each item row will conveniently open the SYI form for that item, where you can change your photos and make other revisions while you are signed in to that account on eBay. Don't worry, outsiders can not access your listing form using the link in this tool.

Have more then 10,000 listings?

The tool provides a few different ways to get around the 10K limitation.

Retrieving a list from File Exchange may be the simplest, but if doing so, you may need to break the CSV list into smaller groupings to avoid overworking your browser. To use a File Exchange list in this tool, be sure the File Exchange header row is part of each spreadsheet batch. Click the *FILE EXCH CSV option on the country list to open the box where you will paste and post your spreadsheet data.

Or you can change the way data is collected by this tool. The default action in this tool is to read your newest listings first. If you have just a few more than 10,000, you can perform a second search in the reverse order to pick up listings at the other end — those ending soonest. Or, you can reduce your list to smaller groupings by searching "fixed price" in one batch and "auctions" in another batch.

A more organized method for processing more than 10,000 listings is to perform tests over several days or weeks, if your listings begin on different days of the month. To do so, sort by date (newest first) and process the first group of listings. Then return to the tool another day (determined by how many days it takes to post under 10,000 new items) and process the next set of new listings. By sequencing through listings in this manner, you could conceivably process a hundred thousand listings or more.

You may also break down your search by site category (not store category). The default operation searches all categories, but you can limit the search to 1, 2, or 3 categories per run. You can also exclude up to 24 categories from the search, and included and excluded categories can be combined in one search.

For sellers with one main category and many smaller categories, the simplest method may be to include the main category in the first search and then exclude the main category in a second search. NOTE that categories differ by eBay country site.

See: File Exchange tutorial for more help.

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