Website Photo Viewer

Need to view Photos on your Server?

Do you have a website for storing photos, but find it difficult to locate and identify specific photos there? This is a problem that has frustrated many, with solutions ranging from complex to tediously slow. The new simple-to-use Website Photo Viewer will help you quickly get to the photos you want to use in auction listings or that you plan to revise.

The Website Photo Viewer is a compact utility that is installed on your server to easily see all your photos from a standard browser, with everything you need at your fingertips on a single page. Quickly locate the photo you need and copy the URL or image tag, or simply drag and drop the photo to your desktop or application.

The Website Photo Viewer runs on your website to deliver image directories to your browser. Your browser will then display three resizable columns:

  1. Folder list or Directory tree
    When you place the tool in a folder on your server, that folder and all its child folders will be listed in an indented, clickable, branching, tree format so that you can easily see your folder structure and can quickly reach the folder you want. As you can see from the included screenshot, the tool will also report the number of photos found in each folder.
  2. Thumbnail view of all images in one folder
    When a folder is selected, a full list of thumbnails will be displayed in the center column — along with the name of the image, dimensions, file size, the full URL path, and an HTML image tag — making it easy to just copy and paste the code that you need. And since the column is resizable, you can drag it open to see the entire URL, not just a tiny piece of it as with some photo hosting sites. If your server supports it, the tool will deliver true thumbnails to this column to speed page loading.

    Checkboxes allow you to select several photos and display codes in bulk in a popup window for faster copy/paste of multiple images.
  3. Full-sized image view when a thumbnail is selected
    When a thumbnail is clicked, it will appear full-sized, along with its name and dimensions. Use this feature to quickly verify that you have selected the correct photo, or to drag the photo to another application. The full-sized photo is displayed in a manner that eliminates any extraneous codes that may be unwanted when dragged to your destination application.

Visit our demo site to touch a working version.

Optional Customization

Customization is optional, since the Website Photo Viewer's default settings allow it to run immediately with no setup at all.

For easy use and flexibility, the tool filename can be changed to any other name that your server will deliver through its PHP parser. You can even install duplicate copies with different settings in the same folder by giving each copy a different file name.

The tool code contains a list of customizable parameters to best match your needs. These include the ability to define the link codes that will be displayed under each thumbnail, in addition to selecting which folders will appear in the tool display and which users will be allowed to access the tool.

Changing Link Codes

By default, the Website Photo Viewer will display the web address (direct link) of the image and a simple HTML image tag. In the setup area of the code, you can select from a list of several more image display options, including a click-to-enlarge thumbnail code, with a variety of different display sizes.

Choosing Folders to display

The Website Photo Viewer can be placed at the root of your site to view all child folders, or it can be placed in one or more specific directories to view a limited number of child folders. The latter is preferable if you have privacy concerns about other content on your site.

Additionally, the tool can be modified to either include or exclude specific folders. So if you have non-picture folders in your path, or private picture folders, you can eliminate them from the viewer. Alternatively if you have only a few picture folders in your path that you want to use, you can set the tool to display only those folders, with or without child folders.

The tool will only pick up image files that can be viewed in a browser (jpg, gif, png, bmp). All other files are invisible to the tool.

Allowing Access

The Website Photo Viewer is accessed from a browser and will have a web address on your site, so anyone with the address of the tool can use it to look at photos allowed by your tool settings. If you wish, you can block casual access by setting up one or more usernames that must be entered as part of the browser address to access the site. With that, only users with permission will be able to access the tool. You can change usernames at any time if you have shared with others and need to revoke permission.

Permission to use the Website Photo Viewer does not affect your ability to share an image when you provide a full URL or create an image tag and post it in a listing or blog.

System Requirements:

  • The Website Photo Viewer is not a desktop program. It must be installed on a server where it can be accessed by a browser.
  • You must have FTP or Control Panel access to your server and must be generally aware of where your photos are located.
  • The server must have PHP5+ installed. If you are unsure, we can give you a line of code to test your server, or you can use the following on your own:
    Make a plain text file called "phpinfo.php", add the following line of code <?php phpinfo(); ?> and upload the file to your server. Then ask your browser to fetch the page, where you can read the version, if PHP is indeed installed.
  • For security, the software does not write to your server. It is a read-only program.
  • The Website Photo Viewer will display best in HTML5-capable browsers (most modern browsers).

License and Delivery

License: Your purchase is a license to use the Website Photo Viewer on one domain server where you may install any number of copies for that one domain. The software is offered as-is without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.

Delivery options: This program is compressed into a single small file requiring no special installation methods. It can be sent on CDR Disk or by any other delivery method.

Ownership: This software is developed and owned by ISDNtek, an online software provider of many free and pay website and eBay utilities.