Triple-Nested Table

A triple nested table can really brighten a page and upgrade the appearance of an auction. Just pick the colors you want to use and add them to the BGCOLOR fields in the table code below.

I'm going to use the Rainbow color picker to select the color codes or color names. There are two places I can add the colors in each table, in the TABLE tag and in the TD tag. Cellspacing will determine the width of the outer color in a table and Cellpadding is the width of the inner color band.

Since eBay is gutting user-inserted BODY tags and it is bad coding to add your own duplicate BODY tag anyway, we will add an outer table to create the page background. We will add the color, and if we want, we could also add an image tile by using the BACKGROUND attribute in the TABLE tag. It is good practice to add an appropriate color, even if you are going to cover it up with a background image, so that you'll still have a nice color if your image host is slow to deliver the image tile. A background tile can be used by adding the BACKGROUND attribute wherever BGCOLOR is used in the tables.

And be careful not to drop the closing table tags below. For some reason, users frequently forget them, causing the auction template to bleed into eBay's portion of the page.

<table name=BodyBackground width=100% cellpadding=30 border=0 bgcolor=#FFF1A0
<tr ><td >

<table name=OuterBorder align=center width=80% cellspacing=8 cellpadding=20 border=1 bgcolor=#F7E8C0>
<tr ><td bgcolor=#FFAE85>

<table name=MiddleBorder align=center width=100% cellspacing=5 cellpadding=20 border=1 bgcolor=tan>
<tr ><td bgcolor=Cornsilk >

<table name=InnerBorder align=center width=100% cellspacing=5 cellpadding=20 border=1 bgcolor=tan>
<tr ><td bgcolor=ivory>

     .... auction goes here ...
     .... and don't forget the closing tags that follow.....


courtesy of shipscript
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