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1. Interactive Online Forms
Enter your data online to create a complete auction template (see notes below).

AuctionInsights Auction Template and Ad Creator

Birddog's Garage templates

CGWebSolutions Template Builder

CollierAd's Cool eBay Tools Free Ad Creator

DeadZoom Templates

Erns-Eporium Custom Templates

George's Custom Auction Templates

KDWebPageDesign's Custom Auction Creator

Listing Factory templates

ListTailor's Auction Templates and Image Hosting

LotWatch Free Auction Ad Creator

Organizer Template generator by Shipscript

Photobucket Deluxe (photo gallery template)

Pretty Borders Plus (make your own borders)

Rob Bell's FreeForm eBay Auction Builder

Shipscript's DecoBars Template maker

Wizard's FREE Auction Template Creation Form

2. Templates by Example
Code is provided that you can manually change to suit your auction.

AuctionSupplies.Com Auction Templates

Christmas/Holiday Templates (eBay HTML/Photo Board members) Auction Templates

Erns-Eporium Templates

Fall/Winter Templates (from the eBay HTML/Photo Board members)

I2TLF TurboLister Templates (german/english)

Pretty Borders Ideas (made with the online Pretty Borders tool)

Spring Templates (from the eBay HTML/Photo Board members)

Templettes (from the eBay HTML/Photo Board members)

Zoicks.Com Nested Tables (with interactive selection tool)

3. Free Template Software
Interactively change your template while not online.

TagBot Template Automater (desktop)

Web Tagbot (online version)

ZippySlots Basic Template Automater

eBay's TurboLister

4. Custom Template Designers
eBay users who design professional templates for eBay sellers and store owners.












Wizard_mithrandir (the wiz)

Please be aware that there is a difference between a web page and an auction template. Many of the interactive forms will create code that is a stand-alone web page. You may need to strip off header information before using the code as an auction template within eBay's page.

Also be aware that any scripts or visual affects that change the appearance or functionality of eBay's portion of the auction page are considered site-interference, and the auction can be pulled and the seller could be suspended from eBay.
  The following header codes may need to be removed from some templates:
  <body.. >
  (valid auction code is here)

courtesy of eBay user shipscript
copyright 2005-2011