Stitching 2 photos with MS Paint

Open the first photo in MS Paint. Either right-click the photo icon and "Open With" or start MS paint and use the menu "File > Open" or "Edit > Paste From" option.

1. Resize the photo to a workable size. From the menu, use "Image > Stretch/Skew" and set both the horizontal and vertical stretch values to the same smaller percentage, like 50% or 25%. Use "Edit > Undo" from the menu if you need to try a different size.

2. Stretch the white canvas wider to accommodate the second photo. Drag the pullers on the sides and corners, or use the menu and select "Image > Attributes" to set a new canvas size.

3. Load the second photo using "Edit > Paste From".

4. The second photo may be too large, so while it still has the dotted border, use the "Image > Stretch/Skew" menu to set it smaller just like the first photo.

5. While the second photo is still highlighted with a dotted border, drag it into position beside the first photo. Click outside the dotted border to let go of the image and permanently place it on the canvas.

6. Next, we may want to get the two images closer together, so use the square cutout tool on the toolbar and outline the portion of the second photo to keep.

7. While the cutout is still highlighted with a dotted border, drag it into position next to the first image. Click outside the dotted box to let go.

8. The photos are now merged, but we want to trim off the edges. From the menu, choose "Edit > Select All" to highlight the entire canvas with a dotted border. Drag the highlighted contents left and up until the left edge and top edge are trimmed off. Click outside the border or click another tool on the toolbar to let go.

9. Now make sure there are no highlighted borders and grab a puller on the center of the right edge and pull the canvas inward to crop off the right edge. Do the same with the bottom edge, or use the lower right corner puller to pull both edges at once.

10. Your merged and cropped photo is ready to save. You can save as JPG and it will be ready to use. However, if you want to edit further, then save as BMP and save a JPG version later when your editing is complete.

This online Photo Stitcher tool can automatically stitch 2 to 9 photos,
with the ability to hand crop, zoom, and align the photos, and add a colored border.

courtesy of shipscript
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