What does each Scan Filter do?

1. Archiving Descriptions
These two filters are available only in the bulk Active Content Editor. Normally, when a scan is run, the tool will archive the originals of the descriptions that it revises, and does not archive any unchanged descriptions. These options are available to force descriptions to be saved, even if they have not been modified by the tool. Both can be selected, if your need requires.

2. Mobile Tags
These filters will add the eBay-recommended tags to the beginning of the description to address mobile devices. Existing duplicate tags will be removed. Because these filters add to the description, every scanned description will be modified when these filters are chosen within the Active Content Editor.

3. eBay Mandates - Active Content
These filters address eBay mandates for active content and security:

4. Widget Artifacts
Violating content in these widgets will automatically be removed by the main compliance filters above, but often, credit links and junk code can remain behind. These filters help clean up that left-over content. These filters look for the start and end markers in third party widgets and will remove everything between those markers. If either the start or end is not found, the filter will not be applied. On very rare occasions, a seller might type description information inside the widget markers, which could result in the description being removed by the filter.

5. Credits & Images
These simple credits or objects will be removed if a match is found. If no match is found, the filter has no effect, except for the File Exchange filter, which adds code to every scanned listing.

6. Text formatting
These filters take a more complex look at the description text and could change elements that were intended to have a specific appearance, so they should not be used without understanding their purpose. Most are intended to improve mobile viewing.