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Description Editor for eBay Mobile Summary BETA
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This tool is designed for sellers with complex content, like designer templates or terms sections, who should be using eBay mobile summary tags to mark off a description summary to share across venues. This tool will allow you to mark the summary text and will purge unacceptable tags within the marked summary.

The tool is also ideal for sellers who want to reduce the complexity of their template coding, without eliminating all formatting. Just paste the code and click a stripping button.

Paste your HTML code into the Code Editor below or Load an item directly from eBay above.

Strip excess HTML from Mobile Summary text

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Using the Editor

  1. If you have a custom template, paste your HTML code into the CODE editor. If your code already contains eBay mobile summary tags, the summary text will be highlighted in  yellow  when you switch back to the Standard editor. You can edit that text in either tab. When a summary is marked in yellow, the "strip" buttons on the bottom toolbar can be used to remove invalid codes from inside the summary tags without affecting the rest of the page.
  2. If your template or pasted description has no marked summary block, you can highlight a block of text and click the summary { } button to wrap it in eBay's summary tags (yellow).
  3. Or you can insert an empty summary and type your own summary within the marked (yellow) area.
  4. If no summary is present, the "strip" buttons in the bottom toolbar can be used to remove some, or all, HTML codes from the entire page to reduce code complexity.
  5. If you already have a summary and want to clear out HTML codes from the entire page, not just those inside the summary tags, first unclick the { } button to remove the summary tags and then use one of the "strip" buttons on the bottom toolbar to remove most, or all, HTML codes. You can then re-mark the summary block.
  6. Use the "Undo" button to back out of changes made by the toolbar buttons.
  7. Important! After working with your content, copy and use the code from the CODE editor. That tab will contain your changes. The Standard editor view can not be copied in its entirety, as stylesheets and attributes might not transfer from that view.

eBay's Mobile Summary Tags

eBay will extract a small chunk of text from a seller's item description to display as a preview or summary on mobile devices and on other shopping venues. This summary text is automatically generated several minutes after listing creation or after a listing revision where the description has been edited. Until the filters perform their work, the summary description will default to the item title. eBay's algorithm extracts the text from keywords in the description and will skip unwanted phrases. But the algorithm may often pick up seemingly random text that is not intended to be the description.

Sellers who consistently have a problem producing an accurate summary (typically sellers with a lot of content or custom templates) can wrap their selected text in eBay's Mobile Summary Tags, which will mark the text that should be used as a summary.

eBay's Mobile Summary Tags:

Your description may contain more that one set of mobile summary tags, but eBay will only collect the first one. The remainder will be ignored.

HTML should not be used within the description enclosed by those special tags. Doing so will cause eBay to abandon the Mobile Summary Tags and return to their algorithm to select text. However, in a concession to bullet lists, eBay will allow these tags, and they should not contain any attributes or styles.

Allowed Tags:

eBay also appears to tolerate some very basic single-letter HTML codes, but we have seen that some editors will replace those simple tags with more complex tags, and then eBay's summary tags will fail. So you may be able to use these codes if you avoid using an editor that will convert the codes. In all cases, any HTML tags within the description can not include styles or attributes.

Tolerated Tags:

That does not mean that your Mobile Summary must remain styleless when viewed on your listing page. You can wrap the entire summary section of your description in a <div> element and can apply styles to that wrapper. You can even make it invisible.

Styling the mobile summary on the listing page:

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