eBay Mobile Summary Helper

  1. Add your plain-text summary within the box below.
  2. Select the HTML tab on eBay's Description Editor.
  3. Copy and paste the entire summary code to the top of your description code.

0 characters (800 max). Leading and trailing white space is not counted. Do not use any HTML in the summary text.
We've added a wrapper around eBay's summary tags to allow you to easily style the summary below. Do not style the text itself.


Use this tool to prepare a plain text Mobile Summary for eBay. You can choose an invisible summary that won't display in your description, or you can make the summary visible and set it apart with a border like an abstract or summary introduction to your description. After creating the summary, add it to the top of your description in HTML view.

The tool will count characters so that you will know if you hit the 800 character limit that applies to plain text. If you alter the outer summary tags, the counter won't work. Adding blank lines between sentences in the code will not display blank lines when viewed. Instead, all the lines will run together like a paragraph. You may use <br><br> for a full paragraph break, but that will consume 100 characters of your 800 limit.

While eBay allows very limited HTML in a mobile summary, we have found too many cases of editors corrupting inner code, thus disabling the summary. So we recommend a plain text paragraph as a summary.

This tool may be copied and pasted into a plain text document on your computer. Save the file as "html" so that you can prepare description summaries offline in your browser. View page source to copy the code.

Free Tool provided by ShipScript and isdntek.com