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Search for Items on eBay.

Search for eBay items by one or more seller names or by keywords. Up to 10,000 items can be returned, but results should be constrained by selecting appropriately limiting keywords and categories to reduce unnecessary results.


Selections - A search must include either a seller name, a category number, or a keyword.

Grid Display - Items matching the search parameters will display in a grid of up to 100 pages (up to 10,000 items max), which will include a thumbnail image, item number, title, start/end dates, price, shipping, total cost, category, condition, eBay site, item location, and sellername. When a listing contains variations, only the lowest, highest, or most popular variation price will appear, based on search order. When all of the items have loaded, the first page will appear and each subsequent page may be loaded and viewed manually.

You may add your own notes to items that appear in the grid. Items may be selectively chosen for the report by clicking to select or deselect the item in the ✓ column, or by tapping rows to toggle up to 3 row colors. When moving from one page to the next, the selected items will remain selected.

Report - The report option will produce spreadsheet reports that can be pasted into an open spreadsheet or into a text file. Select the tab format if pasting directly into an open spreadsheet, or use the comma format if saving directly to a text file that will be given a .csv suffix so that it can be opened later in a spreadsheet tool.

If some items are not wanted in the report, individual rows can be selected/deselected in the grid by clicking the row (changing its color) or by setting checkmarks; or the whole page can be selected/deselected by clicking the "#" header or the ✓ header. You may then choose to include all rows, only the selected rows, or only the deselected rows in your report. Reports can be concatenated, and new scans can be appended to the existing report, by deselecting the option to automatically clear the report at each new scan or build.

IMPORTANT - Before saving data in your spreadsheet tool, or after making any changes and resaving, be sure that the number columns display as numbers and not as exponential notation. [Screenshot]  If you see something like 1.63E+11 in a column, right-click the column header, choose "Format cells", and change the format to "Number" with zero decimal places. Pay particular attention to columns that contain the Item ID and long numbers like UPC/EAN. You will have to make these changes every time you open the CSV. To preserve your number changes instead of fixing every time, save the file as XLS. You can export a CSV from that file later.

If you don't convert the exponential numbers to whole numbers prior to saving, your long numbers will be converted to useless numbers with a lot if trailing zeros, like this: 162260000000.

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