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Extract your eBay Variations in bulk with this free online scanning tool.

Automate the tedious job of renaming variation groups. Fix your listings in minutes. This tool will download your simple-variation or multi-variation listings in a spreadsheet format that is ready to upload to eBay with your variation revisions. The tool can additionally capture the variation photos and provide a download and archiving option.


This tool will scan items found publicly on eBay without accessing your account, and can not search completely out-of-stock items, since those items are not publicly viewable; although listings that are not completely out of stock will still return the data for any variations with zero inventory. A report will be generated in eBay's File Exchange format that will include variation details.

The tool will retrieve and scan up to 10,000 items (variations contribute to that total) and, out of those 10K items, will return only those items that have variations. Use the search criteria to reduce the search range if you have more than 10,000 items, thus creating subgroupings based on category, price, or date order.

You may wish to terminate markdown sales prior to revising affected listings so that the tool can capture your original pricing instead of your markdown pricing.

Report - A report can be generated with the originally downloaded variation data for archiving and self-editing, or a report can find and replace the name of an attribute group as part of a "renaming" revision file. Report options include:

Delimiter (spreadsheet file format):

Report type:

Find/Replace Variation Name:

Find/Replace Condition Number:

Add extra columns:

Picture URLs:


Download or Copy:

Variation Image List:

IMPORTANT - Before saving CSV data within your spreadsheet tool, or after making any changes and resaving, be sure that the number columns display as numbers and not as exponential notation. [Screenshot]  If you see something like 1.63E+11 in a spreadsheet column, right-click the column header, choose "Format cells", and change the format to "Number" with zero decimal places. Pay particular attention to columns that contain the Item ID and long numbers like UPC/EAN. You will have to make these changes every time you open the CSV. To preserve your number changes, instead of fixing every time, save the file as XLS. You can export a CSV from that file later.

If you don't convert the exponential numbers to whole numbers prior to saving, your long numbers will be converted to useless numbers with a lot if trailing zeros, like this: 162260000000. Or they may appear in your file as 1.63E+11 and your file will be rejected by eBay.

Zipping Variation Photos - Some users may wish to archive their current master and variation photos prior to updating variations through eBay's bulk uploader. After a report has been run, the lower zip window will include the data necessary for zipping the image files. Zipping requires several steps. First, you will prepare a copy of the report on our server by clicking the button to "Prepare Zip File". When the file is ready, a new button will appear so that you may "Send to Zip tool". The Zip tool will be launched in a new window, your prepared file will be loaded, and you can process your image file on that tool. Those zip files can be archived on your computer.

Uploading to eBay - The reports are generated in eBay's File Exchange format for uploading directly through eBay's Seller Hub as a revision template [Screenshot] eBay has size limits to be aware of:

  1. New users are limited to 5000 rows of data per day (when totaling all spreadsheet files). Experienced users can request an increase.
  2. A single spreadsheet can not exceed 150,000 rows.
  3. A single upload file size can not exceed 14.9MB.
Because the variation spreadsheet produced by this tool doesn't contain many columns, the file size will not likely be an issue; however, the daily limit may be easily reached, particularly if there are multiple attempts to upload files.

Resources - Variation Help:

Variation Tutorial
Multi Variation Builder
Example "Rename" spreadsheet screenshot
Example Sports Trading Card Spreadsheet 2021 screenshot
Example Sports Trading Card Spreadsheet 2021 (csv download)
Example Sports Trading Card Spreadsheet 2021 (xls download 1MB)

Resources - Links to helpful eBay pages:

eBay Variation Help
Seller Hub uploader
All Seller Updates
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Find API calls: 
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