Compact Template Maker for eBay Listings

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The Compact Organized template is ideal for sellers who have a small, succinct list of information, and need a bit of structure to present that information. The template is mobile friendly and is free of Active Content and scripts, so it is pefectly suited for the eBay changes that started in 2017. It places all of your important info in a single structured screen that minimizes navigation. The template can be used with, or without, your own externally hosted photos, which will appear in a popover image gallery. Additionally, terms or other lesser information can be added to a side column.

While this tool is intended for desktop editing, the elements will still scale and shift for mobile editing. However, in that case, the editing screen may not accurately simulate the finished template. Instead, use the Preview tab for an idea of template appearance on desktop, tablet, or phone.

Using the tool

Design Elements (left toolbox)

This toolbox is used to add photos and to style the template. The left toolbox can be closed when it is no longer needed.

Edit, Preview, & Code Tabs

There are three tabs across the top:

Text Elements (right toolbox)

There are several text input boxes on the right that are provided with sample starter text. Consider this area a scratch pad or clipboard. This text can be copied and pasted into the editor, or the text can be erased and the boxes used to temporarily store other bits of copy/paste text or code material. Wysiwyg is not supported.

The right toolbox can be closed when it is no longer needed.

The Editor Tab

Photo Gallery Column

If you want to display your hosted photos in the description, any number of photos can be added to the photo code box that is provided in the toolbox to the left of the template. You can choose to display them in a single column, double column, or triple column, as necessitated by your number of photos.

When adding your own externally hosted photos, enter the image code (image tags) provided by your hosting service. Populate the Alt attributes if you would like to see a caption when hovered. Image codes can be added as a solid block of code, since the tool will sort them out. If the tool discovers more than one copy of the same image, it is up to you to remove duplicates from your source and try again.

Alternatively, you can paste bare image URLs into the photo code box (they will start with 'http'). Each URL must appear on a separate line. To add captions, add a '>' or '|' symbol after the URL or on the line below the URL, immediately followed by your caption.

Use either the image tag method or the URL method, but don't mix. Samples of both [IMG] and [URL] photo sets are provided to show the structural variations you can use with each method. You may want to use the "clear" button before adding your own images.

When a thumbnail image is hovered or tapped in the template, the enlargement will overlay the description area. Moving the mouse away, or tapping outside the image, will close the overlay.

Description Column

The first paragraph block in the description column has been tagged as eBay's mobile summary text so that up to 800 characters, per a formula, will be copied by eBay into a small preview summary for mobile users. Be sure to use the first paragraph in that manner. A counter is provided to help you stay within eBay's limits. The counting is odd because eBay counts each linebreak as 50 characters.

A second paragraph block is available should you need to add additional text, or expand upon the mobile summary.

The tool also supports up to three bullet lists and one specification table. Those are added by checkmarking the options you wish to use and then filling out the appropriate fields. If you have fewer list items than offered by the list tool, simply erase the unused items and they will be removed when you preview. Note that ALL text fields and headings appearing on the template can be edited, so be sure to change them to match your needs.

Terms Column

Up to three different sets of terms (or other informational text) can be added to the terms column. The first terms group must be added and populated, and the remaining can be made to disappear by clearing out any content. A list of suggestions appears to the right of the template, and they can be copied into the terms column, to be edited as needed. If terms are not desirable in that location, the column can be used for other informational material, like a FAQ list. Remember to change the headings along with the text.

Link Buttons

Link buttons to your eBay pages appear on the bottom bar. If you add your Seller ID or Store name within the toolbox, button options will appear on the Preview screen and Code view. You can directly change the labels of the buttons on the editing screen, but can not change the underlying links. You can remove unwanted buttons by deleting the label. If you delete too many, click the "reset" button in the sidebar to start over.