Compression tool for eBay Description
Remove line breaks, tabs, hard spaces, and excess white space from your HTML

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This tool will convert runs of tabs, spaces, and hard spaces (like 0160, A0, and  ) to single soft spaces. If using hard spaces to format text, those will be lost. Line breaks can be preserved with the left-align option or can be removed with the condensed option. The condensed option is perfect for eBay's File Exchange.

The CSV option will double any embedded quotes to conform with a hand-coded CSV text file.

The unwrap option will expand previously compressed HTML by placing each HTML tag on a new line with indenting. CSS style sheets will be similarly expanded. Script blocks will not be addressed, as scripts are no longer allowed on eBay. Note that this is a primitive expansion and may not correctly address all cases, so check the preview before accepting the expanded version.

The tool will normally process the entire code box. However, if a selection is made, then only the selected area will be modified and the entire code will still be output with the modified selection.

courtesy of eBay user shipscript
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