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Quick eBay Buttons
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eBay Link Gallery
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The ArtRoom
Artist ShowRoom

Display your artwork in a simulated room.
for eBay auctions

Need to give your customers an idea of the scale of your art and how it might look on a wall in their home? Create the essence of a room by adding a few key components. Don't go overboard, a little bit goes a long way toward the illusion. Use your prehosted online images of your artwork. Add the dimension of your work, and the program will resize it to the scale of the room, giving a truer impression of actual size. This tool will create the HTML code to display your own composite art gallery in your auction. Insert the entire code where the image is to appear on your page.

  1. Use the toolbar buttons down the left side.
  2. Add your art. Enter the URL or address of an online image. The closely-cropped photo must be hosted prior to using it here.
  3. Change the furniture style (only one major item can display and you can move it left or right).
  4. Add a plant or lamp or other accessory if needed (up to 10 items). Pull the lower right corner to resize it. Then move it into position. Send "To Back" to get it behind another element, or click that other element to bring it to the front.
  5. Add shadows under furniture or accessories, and send them to the back.
  6. Change the wall, baseboard, and floor colors to suit the style of your art. They can be set to "no color" if you would like your underlying auction page to show through.
  7. For small paintings, use a single chair and crop the width of the room using the slider at the bottom. Add plant filler if desired.
  8. Items that fall partially outside of the workspace will be included in the code, but will be cropped on the final page. This effect can be used to include partial images of plants or sofa, to give an aura of voyeurism to the scene.
  9. Use the "Custom" button to add your own text or HTML as a moveable element or watermark.
  10. Click the "Make Code" button to generate the ShowRoom code, which you can then paste into your page.
  11. A preview option lets you test your scene. You can modify and remake the code as frequently as necessary.


Page Width:
Block clicking on this scene.      Add credit link.
  • A protective overlay is added to the code that prevents right-clicking to copy images from the scene. It also prevents clicking on links that may have been added as a custom element. To allow your custom links to be clickable inside the scene, be sure they are in front of other elements, and then turn off the protective layer option.
  • A small visible credit link will be added to the bottom of the scene. It can be turned off if you do not want it displayed. However, please retain the credit link that is inside the code.

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