Designer Menu Maker
Free online tool - Quickly create complex dropdown or flyout menus using spreadsheet data or the easy online form. eBay Blog Styler
Quick eBay Buttons
Free online tool - Easily make buttons to your own eBay destinations. Create attractive imageless CSS buttons that will work on many eBay sites or on your own webpage. Quicky Buttons
eBay Link Gallery
Free online tool - Easy to use tool searches your eBay listings to create a static Link Gallery for your blog or website. Q*sell Link Gallery
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Image Mapper
Creates a Clickable ImageMap/UseMap
for web and auction navigation

An Image Map is a regular hosted image than has defined clickable areas or hotspots. It consists of two components: the actual hosted image and a map file. This tool will create the map file for your online image and will include the displayable image in the code.

  1. Enter the URL or address of an online photo. The photo must be hosted prior to using it here.
  2. Click the load button and make sure the image appears normal size. If not, click the button again.
  3. Create the hotspots on the image by clicking the "New Link" button. Move the hotspot around and resize it as necessary. It will define a clickable area on your image.
  4. In the two slots, add the destination link for your clickable hotspot and an optional comment that will display when the mouse hovers over the hotspot. The destination is usually a full URL, just like the image, but could be a local page link instead.
  5. Repeat for as many hotspots as needed.
  6. To remove a hotspot, click it or grab it and then click the "Remove Link" button.
  7. Click the "Make Code" button to generate the map file, which you can then paste into your page.
  8. A preview option lets you test you links. You can modify links and remake the code as frequently as necessary.
If you already have map code that uses rectangles (no circles or polygons) and want to start with that, click here.

The map file will contain both the link map and the actual image. Insert the entire code where the image is to appear on your page. Or you can add just the top image line in the actual location and place the map portion elsewhere on the page.

Image URL

After loading the photo, make sure the buttons and box below are still visible. If the photo covers the buttons or box below, click the "Load Image" button a second time.

Clic*Pic Thumbnail Gallery
Free or upgrade PC program - Resize, crop, and compress images. Create beautiful thumbnail galleries with this easy to use tool! Clic*Pic
Rainbow Color Picker
Free PC program - Pick colors from photos or use the rainbow palette to select colors. Enter or find RGB, Hex, or Internet Color names. RainBow
Make Pretty Borders
Free online tool - Creates nested tables for colored borders on web pages or frames around photos. Up to seven layers. Pretty Borders
Make Grids and Charts
Free online tool - Creates multi-celled tables for size-lists, product options, shipping charts, etc. Easy to enter your data and change colors and styles. Grids & Charts
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If hotspots overlap, the first in the code list takes priority. The hotspots appear in the code list in the order in which they are created. Deleted hotspots are merely invisible, and thus keep their old order if reused.

Free Auction Templates
Free PC program - Easy to use! Fill in the blanks without any HTML coding. If you know how to code, then convert your own templates to easy-to-use TagBot forms. Tag*Bot
HTML code broken?
Free PC program - Scan your HTML code for lost and mismatched tags. RagTag includes definable shortcut keys for faster hand-coding. Preview. Format code. Rag*Tag
Popup Image Viewer
Free online tool - Create in-page resizeable popups for click-to-enlarge thumbnails. PopView
Image Mapper
Free online tool - Turn an online image into a clickable navigation usemap with this easy-to-use image mapping tool. Image*Mapper
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Free Cross-sell Gallery
Free Online utility - Add your eBay auction numbers (or custom thumbnails and links) to create a scrolling cross-sell gallery. X*sell
Clicky Buttons & Menus
Free Online tool - Create 3D clickable text buttons and menus, with or without backgrounds, or add your own thumbnail photos for cross-selling. Clicky*Buttons
Make Thumbnail galleries
Free online tool - Quickly create a click-gallery or scroll-gallery from your online images. Change gallery colors and formats with a click. Clic*Pic Online
Image Protection
Free PC program - Creates invisible coverup gifs and code to protect your self-hosted images. No*Click
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