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(scriped photo gallery should not be used on eBay)

  1. 1. Decide how many sections to display. Use the drop list on the left side of each section to format that section or to turn off a section that you don't want to use. Check out all the formats in the list before deciding.
  2. 2. ALL the sample text can be edited. Change the Heading in each section to suit your needs. Add your description and terms to all the appropriate boxes. HTML is allowed. If necessary, you can move your customized section up or down using the arrows on the right.
  3. 3. Click a rainbow color for your template. Click the column for lighter or darker shades as needed. Or type in your own custom color and apply it. The entire template will be colorized. To colorize independent features, select a feature from the manual group and then click a color for that feature.
  4. 4. Click the MAKE button to generate the code and use the popup Preview to see it. You can remake as often as you wish with other color schemes without losing your template data. However, changing to a different format within a section may require re-entering your data in that new section.
Set Colors Automatically Add border
Main Color
Set Colors Manually
Title Bkgd Desc Bkgd Head Bkgd Data Bkgd Title Text Desc Text Head Text Data Text

↓ Select format to display in each section


Formatting content with this tool: The text boxes (1, 2, 2L, 2R, 3) provide a small amount of formatting, as long as HTML is not present in your text. When using the tool, line breaks will be converted to HTML break tags and a single leading asterisk * on a line will generate a bullet • item.

You may place HTML in the form in order to format your text. However, if you do so, the above automatic formatting will be turned off in that section. And of course, you may place HTML in the code after it is generated.

Active Content: The photo gallery in this tool uses active content. To add a photo gallery for an eBay listing, we recommend you make a compliant gallery with the online Gallery tool and then drop that code into an empty text box.

Mobile Responsive: This template should automatically shrink to fit mobile devices unless words are too long to wordwrap. The viewport meta tag has been added to the top of the template.

courtesy of eBay user shipscript
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