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Q. Have similar items with different data in tables or charts?
Q. Tired of typing a different size, color, or condition for each item?
Q. Just need to change the description or photo?
Q. Hate digging through HTML codes?

A. Convert your Auction Template to ZippySlots - and save time and effort!

A+ Take your ZippySlots template home and use offline on your own computer!

Here's How!
  1. To turn your template into ZippySlots editing slots, paste your code into the box below.
  2. Highlight a section of text that you want to convert to a slot.
  3. Click the button to convert the highlighted text to a multi-line edit box, a bullet list box, a single-line edit slot, a small slot the size of one word, or a droplist of options.
  4. A popup will ask for a comment, heading, or note to add above the edit slot. You can leave that blank if no instructions are needed. When inserting a droplist, add the list in the popup, separating each item with a vertical | bar.
  5. Be careful around punctuation and tags, so as not to split or lose them.
  6. Repeat for all sections you want to convert.
  1. ZippySlots can't be used for attributes of HTML, CSS, or scripts; but HTML tags can be included in ZippySlots.
  2. Slots can't be nested one within the other, although they can adjoin each other.
  3. Below the window are wildcard slots. Each can be be used to replace a phrase everywhere it occurs throughout the code.
  4. When slots have been added, click MAKE to generate the ZippySlots template code that you can use at home.
  5. Click Preview to open a popup window showing what the ZippySlots template will look like with slots in place. That's what you will be using at home.
  6. You can MAKE and Preview as often as needed before saving your ZippySlots code to your computer, where you can use the slots you've created with this tool.
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1. Paste your Template here and Add Slots
Wildcard Replacements:
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2. Pick up your ZippySlots Markup below

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