CyberSpace Enterprise Quad BRI Card

[Package Image]The CyberSpace Enterprise Quad BRI card is a 4-line ISDN terminal adapter designed to take advantage of the new wave of multi-protocol operating systems, to maximize connectivity levels, and to run data-intensive applications like real-time imaging.

Now with DTMF "Touchtone" detection, the TA is also capable of decoding touchtone signals while automated announcements are being made.

The Dual Tone Multi Frequency feature makes the Quad BRI board capable of routing incoming calls via menu driven applications like business directories and voice mail. Using the speed and clarity of ISDN, this functionality is perfect for handling financial transactions quickly and accurately.

[Quad LAN]Using the Enterprise Quad BRI board with platforms such as Windows NT 4.0 creates the perfect small server solution. With four BRI lines, eight calls can be handled simultaneously between branch offices and remote users who are connected to the corporate LAN. It is a cost-effective answer to a range of applications requiring more than a single BRI but less than an expensive PRI solution.

Enterprise Quad BRI Applications

With eight ISDN B-channels of voice or data and up to 64 logical x.25 channels, only one board, the Enterprise Quad BRI, runs on Wintel platforms with all North American ISDN switches and routers and supports these varied applications:

Call Center - Play voice menus, detect DTMF tones, and transfer incoming calls on eight lines simultaeously using only one board. The ideal medium-scale Call Center solution.

Remote Access - Eight B-channels can support up to 100 remote users with 64K access to the company LAN, taking advantage of fast transfers and quick connect and disconnect times.

Data Transfer - Whether X-ray data at 512 kbps, music over ISDN, multi-channel access to the Internet, or video conferencing, 512 kbps is 20 times faster than typical modem speeds.

Remote Monitoring - Fire, burglar, or building management using x.25 packet transfers provide the fastest, most economical means of monitoring large distributed systems.

Point of Sale - One Quad BRI with 64 logical x.25 channels can handle literally thousands of point-of-sale terminals with faster response and lower cost.

More . . . Of course, we do Internet access; and we provide a software development kit for WinISDN, the most powerful ISDN API ... perfect for IP telephony. We also market a line of single BRI boards, as well as RS232 to x.25 boards.

Enterprise Quad BRI Benefits

1. The Enterprise Quad BRI card sports such features as automatic switch detection, x.25 over the D-channel, built-in NT1s, and simultaneous streaming voice and data a critical feature set as more multi-media standards arise to improve the voice and video capabilities of the web.

2. Since the Enterprise Quad BRI card supports block-mode data transfers, it is not hindered by the typically cumbersome bit-by-bit serial transfers of COM-port oriented products.

3. The Enterprise Quad BRI card supports Layers 1, 2 and 3 on all North American switches and optionally on Japanese INS64 and Euro ISDN switches. It can also uncouple the Network Layer 3 protocols a unique characteristic that allows direct OEM software control of such Q.932 user layer 3 telephony features as call hold, transfer, call conferencing, or the advanced capabilities of an attendant console.

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CyberSpace Enterprise Quad BRI Features

Drivers & Setup/Diagnostic Software

The Enterprise Quad BRI PC-based terminal adapters are supplied with setup/diagnostic software and drivers that support WinISDN, Windows 3.x, Win95/98 NDIS WAN, Windows NT 4.0 NDIS WAN, Windows for Workgroups, and Win OS/2.

Teaming Up with the WinISDN SDK

[SDK Package Image]Also available from ISDN*tek is the WinISDN SDK, an ISDN software developers' kit for industry-standard WinISDN. The SDK allows developers to write code in Visual BASIC or C++ with function calls to standard DLLs. Developers can also address the ISDN network, leverage the existing global X.25 networks in place, and create voice to disk (voice mail), video, or call center applications.

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