Upload Video to YouTube, and then
Choose which source to use:

1 Copy video number
2 or copy entire URL from top of browser
3 or Copy the single line from "Share this video" slot
4 or Copy code from the "Embed" block
You can now paste any one of these codes in the single box below:
  1 Video number
  2 Video URL address
  3 "Share" link
  4 "Embed code"
Then click the "Make eBay Code" button below:

Note that this code may not work on eBay's Quick Lister. Switch to the Advanced listing form and add this code to the HTML tab of eBay's listing form. Alternatively, you may use the HTML direct link shown below.

Format the video block:

Copy above code for use on eBay
Direct Link code for video:

Play YouTube or Vimeo videos within eBay listings:

eBay does not accept <iframe> video code directly from YouTube or Vimeo, so the code must be modified to run on eBay. This tool produces code that is designed to work on eBay until eBay's June 2017 Ban on Active Content.

16 Apr 2017 - In June 2017, eBay will change the requirements for videos, and you may need to again change your video code. As eBay releases their new specs, we will either update this tool or retire the tool and provide information on how to add videos to eBay in the new 2017 format. Please check back. In the meantime, eBay will be alerting sellers whose listings contain active content. Rest assured that even though these videos are Active Content, you can continue to use them until the June deadline, at which point they will simply cease to function. There are no dire consequences. You will then have a few months to remove them and change to eBay's method.

26 Apr 2017 - One workaround for those who wish to continue using YouTube videos until eBay has a solution, is to directly link to the video. The direct link we provide in the slot above will open the video by itself in a new window without distracting promotions.

09 May 2107 - eBay updated their link policy to allow a direct link to a YouTube video, as created by this tool. In a staff post on 20 Apr 2017, eBay indicated their own YouTube solution may not be ready by June. The link created by this tool may be your best option for displaying YouTube videos during the period that eBay is still working on their own solution.

27 May 2107 - For those of you who are tired of waiting on eBay, we have created a new eBay-compliant video "thumbnail" that is mobile friendly and that looks just like the real thing with a real cover image and start button. Use this pseudo-video as a clickable placeholder in your listings for either YouTube or Vimeo videos. When clicked, the real video will open in a new page in full-screen mode, compliant with eBay Links Policy.

Code Formats:
  1. Linked Videos are free of Active Content and are compliant with eBay policies. These are mobile-friendly "pseudo-video" thumbnails that open the real video in a new window when Clicked.
  2. Mobile Friendly Object code is a compact format that should work on most (but not all) devices. The benefit of this code is that it will survive eBay's Quick Lister and wysiwyg editors.
  3. Scripted iFrame code is designed to work in all targeted devices, but it can not be used in eBay's QuickLister and will not survive a wysiwyg editor. After insertion in the HTML tab of eBay's Advanced description editor, Seller Hub editor, or Turbo Lister editor, switching tabs would destroy the code. So use the popup preview to see the results rather than switching back to the Standard tab on eBay's wysiwyg editor.
  4. Old Flash Embed code is no longer supported by YouTube (although Firefox may internally convert it to a displayable iframe format). This flash format is supplied for other players and is not recommended for YouTube videos.
  5. Original iFrame code won't work on eBay, but is provided here if you need to convert back to iframe code for your own website.

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