Upload Video to YouTube, and then
Choose which source to use:

1 Copy video number
2 or copy entire URL from top of browser
3 or Copy the single line from "Share this video" slot
4 or Copy code from the "Embed" block
Paste any one of these codes into the single box below:
  1 Video number
  2 Video URL address
  3 "Share" link
  4 "Embed code"
  5 Hosted HTML5 video URL
Then click the "Make eBay Code" button below:

This tool produces code that will work on eBay beyond eBay's June 2017 Ban on Active Content. (eBay does not accept embed code directly from YouTube or Vimeo, and will also block active content within item descriptions from June 2017 onward.)

Format the video block:

Linked Video (code) is free of Active Content and is compliant with eBay policies. The mobile-friendly thumbnail with dynamic start button will open the real video in a new window when Clicked. The code must be pasted into the HTML tab and can not be modified in a wysiwyg editor. Linked Video (editable) is free of Active Content and is compliant with eBay policies. This version embeds styles within each part of the code, allowing you to edit, copy, and paste the visual rather than the code. It looks similar to the first option, but with a static play button. Text Link is compliant with eBay's Links policy. Paste the text link into the HTML view of eBay's description editor. Mobile Friendly Object code is a compact format that should display on most devices and will survive most wysiwyg editors. Scripted iFrame code is designed to run in all targeted devices, but will not survive a wysiwyg editor. Original iFrame is provided here if you need to convert back to iframe code for your own website.

? Select ↑ above code or
? Select ↓ below video block

There are two types of Link Videos for two types of eBay users:

Linked Video (code) Paste Code: Add your Video Code to the HTML tab or HTML view on eBay's Description Editor. Click the HTML tab at the top of eBay's description editor, or, if you are using eBay's Quick Lister, locate the small HTML link on the right side of the editor toolbar. After pasting the code, you may switch back to the standard text editor to make sure it displays correctly.

Linked Video (editable) Drag Video: Highlight and copy or drag the highlighted video into the editing tab of eBay's description editor. Be sure there is already text in your description, since pasting directly into an empty page may not take effect. Note that the play button is not dynamic and displays red in this version. You can alternatively paste the HTML code into the HTML tab.

Play YouTube or Vimeo videos within eBay listings:

This 2019 updated tool produces code that will work in compliance with eBay's June 2017 Ban on Active Content. (eBay does not accept embed code directly from YouTube or Vimeo, and has blocked "Active Content" within item descriptions since June 2017.)

May 2017 - The mobile-friendly and eBay-compliant video "thumbnail" provided by this tool looks just like the real thing, complete with cover image and start button. When clicked, the real video will open by itself in a new page in full-screen mode, without the distraction of competing videos, and in full compliance with eBay Links Policy. Use this clickable pseudo-video in your listings for either YouTube or Vimeo videos.

29 May 2018 - YouTube videos of any type have failed to work within eBay's Mobile App since mid summer 2017. eBay App users will need to paste the URL into a browser page, since it won't run in the App. Thus, the URL has been made visible in the video code in this latest version. In your description text, you may want to invite eBay App users to copy and paste the video address into a new browser window.

06 Jan 2019 - If you have your own secure webhost to host your video, you can embed HTML5 formatted video directly within your listing. For broadest device compatibility, your uploaded video should be in MP4 or WebM format. The code to insert in your listing looks similar to these (This tool will generate the code if you provide the URLs for your hosted video.): Similarly, if you have your own audio file hosted on a secure server, you can embed MP3 using code similar to these examples:

07 Apr 2019 - A warning about using audio/video to sell vinyl music: While a YouTube video is a great way to display and play old vinyl for sale, the music may still be under copyright. Be careful to play only a short representative sample of the music (10 to 30 seconds) to avoid violating copyrights and having your material removed by YouTube.

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