CyberSpace Freedom™ Card Technical Specs

[image] The CyberSpace Freedom Series provides a dependable, award-winning hardware connection between your (TCP/IP - PPP) software and an Internet access point or another TCP/IP equipped computer, using worldwide ISDN for fast, reliable communications. The half-size PC card slips into your (E)ISA PC-bus and includes the phone cable to connect directly to the NT1 or jack on your wall. The card is provided with "WinISDN" driver software on 3.5" diskette and with installation and setup software that runs on Windows PCs. The CyberSpace Freedom™ Card supports virtually all Basic Rate ISDN found in the U.S. today. Whether for home or office, the CyberSpace Freedom™ Card is your most reliable Interface to CyberSpace.

The Hardware

[PC board image]

The ISDN connection

[diagnostics image]

The Driver Software

    [Dialer Software]

[Test Software]

Compatible Software

Application Software

  • The Ultimate Collection of WinSOCK application software
  • TCP/IP Stacks

    Windows 3.x

  • Netmanage Chameleon NFS and Internet Chameleon
  • FTP Explore OnNet
  • Frontier SuperHighway Access
  • Shiva ShivaPPP Adapted to WinISDN
  • Traveling Software with ShivaPPP
  • Windows 95/98

  • Microsoft's Dial-Up Networking
  • Windows NT

  • Microsoft's Dial-Up Networking
  • Compatible Hardware

    The Service

    International Markets

    The Company

    ISDN*tek has been developing ISDN technology since 1987 and has been delivering ISDN equipment worldwide since 1990. Forming strategic partnerships with industry leaders has assured a strong and growing presence in the market. The CyberSpace Freedom™ Series takes advantage of this solid foundation to provide the highest quality PC-to-ISDN Basic Rate access available today.

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