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Clic*Pic and Image Hosts

Automatic Uploading: The Clic*Pic built-in uploader will work with many Image hosts that allow FTP uploading. The following Image hosts have provided adequate information about their services to be included in the most recent Clic*Pic uploader. There are also many capable hosts that are not on this list. The uploader should also work with your own personal web site or domain.

Image uploading is automatically included for these sites:

User-Defined Automatic: Some image hosts allowing FTP upload may have too many server options to put in one button.

Assisted Upload: Some image hosts allow FTP upload, but extra steps are required.

Manual Uploading: If your image host does not allow FTP upload, then you can not use the built-in uploader. Instead, your Clic*Pic images should be uploaded according to your host's instructions. These sites have notified Clic*Pic that they do not allow FTP upload.

No Uploading: These Image Hosts do not allow remote linking, and are not suitable for auctions, although you may be able to FTP upload to some of them.
Free Sites Network
Geocities (free)

List courtesy of HTML Factory

Registering Image Hosts

The Clic*Pic image compression softwares includes an FTP client for uploading images to the user's image host. The program includes a drop-down list of image hosts that support FTP upload, and much of the connection information will auto-complete for the user.

In addition to inclusion in the list, if you wish, we will create a customized installation of Clic*Pic that will feature only your site, which you may freely distribute to your customers. The customized package, like our regular package begins as a 30-day full-featured free trial, with the offer to purchase at the end of the trial. Upon expiration, the program drops back to minimal features.

To be included in the list, please provide the following information:
(Please be sure to carefully check your spelling.)
LongName= Regular name for your site that will be used in drop down menu selection.

ShortName= Short Name (under 12 characters) for your site that will be used on buttons and tabs.

InfoLink= URL for the Information link to your site where users can get information and help for your service. ie

UploadFTP= FTP upload URL. This generally starts with FTP (but not FTP://) and includes your site name with no subdirectories. ie The user will not be able to change this field.

DownLoadImgURL= The URL that web browsers will use to view the images hosted on your site. May only include subdirectories if the subdirectories are NOT allowed in the upload link. ie or

If you are delivering Subdomains then add "#username#" if the username will be used as the subdomain, ie - or add "???" if an abitrary subdomain name is used, ie http://www.???

HiddenRootDir= The hidden root or parent directory, if any, that does NOT appear in the download URL but MUST appear in the upload URL. ie  html/   This is normal for most hosted web domains, but not necessarily for image hosts. If your image site does not require one, then enter (none) and the field will be disabled to prevent user confusion.

ImageDir= The subdirectory for user images that appears in BOTH the upload and download URL. If you require the username as the root for both the upload and download images, then enter #username#/ here. If you assign an email address as the username, and the front portion is used as the root for both the upload and download images, then enter @username@/ here. If you assign an arbitrary, but required, name then enter ???/. If none is assigned or required, then leave it blank. If you do not allow subdirectories, then enter (none) and the field will be disabled.

contact= Name and email where we may contact you if we have questions (not for publication).
ie. Joe Smith <>.

Are you the admistrator for this site or are you a user recommending this site?

Free customization
Please check this box if you would like a free customized version of this program to distribute at your site.

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