RainBow Color Browser
Helps you easily find just the right HTML color
Program Runs on PC

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Rainbow palette
Find Color Codes. Download this tiny little desktop program and have a rainbow of HTML color codes at your fingertips. It's the quickest way to find just the right colors for your HTML web page.

Have a color tag already, but don't know what color it is? Enter the HTML color code and see the color!

The color displays in the color swatch, and if you click and drag your mouse across the palette, the background will dynamically change too. Two text fields let you see the colored text on a light and dark background.

Rainbow screen shot

Pick Colors off your Photos. The color-picker also lets you pick colors right off your photos. Simply drag/drop or paste a photo from your desktop or webpage into the program. Then move the mouse pointer across the photo to display that color code.

Free Download. This is an unzipped version of RainbowTM. You will download the actual program, not an installation file, so you will need to save it in a directory on your hard drive or desktop where you can find it. Since nothing is "installed" on your computer, you may remove the program by simply deleting it. If the program doesn't run, see system requirements.

By downloading this file you agree not to distribute this program, but you may refer others to this location. There are no hidden attachments, adware, or spyware in any of our site downloads.

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v1.01.03  (260KB)

System Requirements

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