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Protecting Images. Sellers have been concerned that viewers can right-click to copy images. The best way to protect images is to watermark them, but some folks just don't have the tools or time to watermark their images.

No Right Click. Increasingly, image owners are disabling the right-click function. However, doing so also hampers viewers' ability to navigate web pages. And more recently, Internet Service Providers have been offering web accelerators to speed page downloads. The consequence of these acclerators is blurry pictures, which the viewer can see more clearly using the acclerator's right-click function - unless it has been disabled.

Right-click and save this image.

The Better Alternative. There is a friendlier alternative to the No-Right-Click function, and it is much more effective. The theory is to use your protected image as a background and cover it with a transparent gif. The right-click function can be used to save the transparent dummy, but won't touch the real image! Try it on the house.

Do-it-yourselfers can get pretty good at creating the code by hand, but you have to know your picture's exact dimensions and URL, make adjustments for borders, and you may need to keep renaming a transparent gif. We thought we'd speed the process along with this free code generator.

Using NoClick. NoClick is to be used with images that have already been sized for your page. You can not later resize an image that is used as a background in this manner.

You will need your own image host (not eBay Picture Services) to use this program, since you will add the code into the description area of your auction.

Right-click and save this image.

Watermarking. You can automatically add a pseudo "watermark" without editing every single photo. Here's how: Create a one-time transparent gif with your logo, copyright, or name on it, and upload it to your webspace. On the NoClick screen, add that link to the "My Watermark" field. Every photo processed with NoClick will have your watermark overlayed as the transparent gif. Viewers will think your image has been "marked" and are less likely to try to copy it.

Free Download. This is a "pre-release" version of NoClickTM. You will download the actual program, not an installation file, so you will need to save it in a directory on your hard drive or desktop where you can find it. It will not run directly from this server.

By downloading this file you agree not to distribute this program, but you may refer others to this location. There are no hidden attachments, adware, or spyware in any of our site downloads.

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