Installing ISDN*tek Hardware
in other Operating Systems.

These drivers are provided for current owners of CyberSpace Freedom Series ISDN hardware who are either re-installing or migrating their hardware to different platforms.

Warning about upgrades Although many users have, over the years, moved their CyberSpace Freedom Cards into better machines and operating systems, it has been found that the newest machines are too fast for these older ISA boards. The Cyberspace Freedom Series boards may not work consistently in machines over 500 MHz. Since ISA slots are disappearing from new machines, ISDN*tek will not upgrade its ISA products.

Warning to users on NorTel switch In mid 1999, NorTel began rolling out an upgrade to revision 10 for their central office switches that deviates from the ISDN standard. This deviation prevents older CyberSpace Cards from making a successful telephone connection. NorTel officials have acknowledged the problem, but have made no commitment to fixing it, since it only affects high-performance products, not the slower and more prolific consumer products. Since NorTel has a limited number of switch installations in the U.S., only a very small number of CyberSpace Card users would be affected. If a previously working card suddenly stops working for you, a telephone company NorTel upgrade may be the problem. Product purchased after June 1999 contains a NorTel patch.

Windows 3.1 and Windows for WorkGroups

16-bit Win 3.1x: The standard WinISDN.DLL device driver for Win 3.1x is designed to be used in the Windows 3.1x environment.

Windows 95/98

32-bit Win95/98: ISDN*tek's Win95/98 NDIS miniport drivers run under Microsoft's Dialup Networking. The WinISDN 32-bit drivers support third party 32-bit TCP/IP stacks and WinISDN software.

Windows NT

32-bit NT/RAS 3.51: Special NT drivers are available for running in the Windows NT 3.5x RAS environment under Microsoft's 32-bit Dialup Networking.

32-bit NT/RAS 4.0: Special NT drivers are available for running in the Windows NT 4.0 RAS environment with Microsoft's 32-bit TCP/IP stack.


16-bit Win-OS/2: The WinISDN.DLL device driver for Win 3.1x can be used to run within a Win-OS/2 session. Native OS/2 support is not available.

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