Free Tools for Better Auctions
Free Tools for Better Auctions
Used in Millions of eBay Listings each year!

Free Windows program Compresses images and Creates a Clickable Photo Gallery

Drop your files into the program and it will automatically resize and compress your images, create thumbnails, and make a click-gallery. You may also zoom or crop the photos as needed. No more white space! Upload the new pictures to your picture host, and add the gallery HTML code to your auction or web page. Fast and simple! FREE non-expiring limited version includes a 30-day trial of extended features. Look here.

FREE program Helps you find lost HTML Tags

Download this tiny Windows program and run your HTML code through it. You will get a formatted listing and report of mismatched tags to help you clean up your web page problems. Look here. Instructions here.

FREE program converts colors to HTML codes, and codes to colors.

Download this tiny Windows program and have fingertip access to HTML color codes from your desktop. Pick colors from your photos or from the color palette. Look here.

FREE program Automates Auction Templates.

This Windows desktop program gives you plain data-entry fields to make it easier to add content to your custom auction template without sifting through codes. TagBot has a set of built-in templates for users who just want easy-to-use templates. The program also allows you to mark up your own templates to automate future changes. Designer-level features too. Look here.

Check out the web version. Web TagBot. If you have a TagBot template and want to quickly see what it looks like, paste it into the Web version of TagBot. Or open one of the premade templates available on the site or use the site to TagBot your existing templates.

NEW! Designers, a license is available for installing the WebTagBot reader module on your own website. The CSS can be modified to match your site and the tool can automatically fetch and load templates from your site for your client editing. Save-changes-to-source is an optional feature for your clients. Example here.
  Online Utilities


ClicPic Online uses your presized and hosted images to quickly create photo gallery code. Many formats. Click this one - it works!

Pretty Borders

Make pretty auction borders using any color or texture. Since you create them, no two are alike. Or try ...

Pretty Borders Plus! and make a complete auction template with Pretty Borders!

Clicky Buttons

Create your own clickable buttons and text menus. No buttons or image hosting required, since the basic buttons use plain text. The text can be encoded to avoid keyword-spamming, so you can safely use them in your auctions. Use the picture option to convert your thumbnails into a cross-sell gallery.

Click These Buttons


Are you using Photobucket as your image host? Easily drop photos into this template maker and generate a beautiful click gallery with your choice of colors.


Practice away at your HTML. Use the starter codes and HTML buttons to jumpstart your template code. Handy find/replace function and color palette for modifying templates. Built in code scanner can help locate some code problems. Preview and save your code to a file on your own computer.

ClicPic Deluxe

Display any number of online photos in an organized gallery with borders, bevels, shadows, and custom colors. Paste a whole block of image codes and use the visual interface to design your gallery.

Online Editor

Don't have access to eBay's fancy listing editor? This online WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor looks a lot like eBay's editor or a standard "Word" editor. Use it to make pretty listings from scratch or to add pictures and change text in your premade templates. The editor will generate the HTML code for you.

XSellX Gallery

Create static or scrolling cross-sell galleries to display listings you choose. Free version or Member version.
Or try X*Sell to use your own thumbnails and links for your store categories.

Organizer Template

Organize your listing in any color with this flexible template builder. Up to eight different types of sections provide one, two, or three columns for description and terms. Photo gallery, specification table, and grid of details are also available.

Photo Stitcher

Have tall skinny items to display? Combine 2 or 3 views into one square image for a better presentation in eBay's gallery. Or combine up to nine photos to show multiple choices. Many formats available or make your own.
Watermark Watermark


Rotate, Resize, Crop, and Watermark your photos with your seller name or logo image. Optional fuzzy edge treatments.

Batch Watermarker

Work on 12 photos at once (enough for one eBay listing) and save them all to a zip file at the size you specify.

Photo Glow

Pizzaz your photos. Make composites with highlights or insets. Crop and resize images and apply feathered border and shadows. Watermark too.

Q*sell Gallery

Create a QuickSell grid from your most recent auctions for your blog or website. Free or Member Non-keyword spamming versions for your auction or eBay store.

The Shadow

Create drop-shadows for your self-hosted images using HTML. No need to photoshop your images. The color tool blends your shadows into your page color. Totally cool!

Designer Menu Maker

Quickly create complex dropdown or flyout menus. Paste your spreadsheet data or use the input boxes to add links and captions for your menu.

Popup Viewer

Click your thumbnails to open larger photos in a Popup Window within your auction page. The captioned window may be dragged around, and the photo can be zoomed larger or smaller for comfortable viewing.

Image Mapper

Add clickable areas to an image to create menus and navigation bars. Simple tool creates a clickable map from your existing online image. There are three clickable areas on this image. Use this mapping tool now Would you like to see some free template sites? Get ClicPic gallery creator

Image Magnifier

Were there times you wished you could magnify those tiny objects like coins and pins? Your customers may feel the same way. Mouse over image to see the magnifier.

Charts & Tables

Quickly generate "size" and "specification" charts with any colors and borders.
color red green blue
weight 1 2 3

Colors & Blends

This is the complete list of Internet colors and names, and you will also find a nifty color blending tool for in-between colors and for creating gradient borders.


Create a virtual room to hang your art and paintings in an eBay auction. Rearrange a room full of elements and change the wall colors. Your artwork will be scaled to fit the room. Or try ArtRoom Lite auction template creator with premade walls for smaller artwork from 12-24 inches wide.


Item:  bambi
type:  china

Item:  ducks
type:  ceramic
Convert spreadsheet data and images into a tidy array of boxes. Makes a great display of your product lineup.

Quick Linker

Don't know the codes for making links? This tool will make the code and show you all the different ways. Just add your destination URL and your prompt text or thumbnail.

Quick Buttons

Make pretty CSS Quicky Buttons for many eBay destinations. Just add your eBay ID or store name and choose your style and color. Use the buttons on auctions, blogs, and websites.

YouTube Embed Code

Convert Youtube iframe code, a YouTube page link, or a simple YouTube video number into eBay-compliant embed code. Same as YouTube "Old Code".

Carousel Spinner

Display a 360° view of your item that spins when moused over. Shoot eight sides of your item and host the photos online. This tool will create the code to rotate through your photos.

Photo Slideshows

Need a small animation script to display a group of photos in your eBay description? Try these 12 simple javascript codes to automatically Fade... Slide... Flip... Shrink... Scroll... and more...

eBay Search Box

Create a search box of your listings or store items. Make a simple search box or use the tool to define complex search phrases that are hidden from the user.

in titles and descriptions


Automa­tically make tabbed content arranged in index card format. Select any color and an optional tab shape.


Turn your template into a form filler by tagging your code with ZippySlots. The tool will create right there in your template, making it a snap to update template content. Save and use the created ZippySlots template on your own desktop, online or offline. Perfect for both designers and sellers.

Your own Image Host

If you have a standard website (or want me to set up one), this tool will convert a separate area into your own Visual Personal Image Hosting. Easy interface is similar to Photobucket. Generates image codes for your listings. Requires: PHP, FTP, One-time setup fee. Need help? More info? Just ask.

Website Photo Viewer

Having trouble locating photos on your own server? Install this program on your server and access your photos through your browser. Displays directories, photos, sizes, and copy/paste image codes. Viewer only. One time fee. Please ask for more info.

Extract eBay Photos

Extract all of your eBay hosted photos from the top of the listing and print, save, or use them in your description. Several size options and clickable thumbnails.

eBay photos big enough?

Scan up to 10,000 active listings or ended listings for size compliance. Tool will create enlargements for you. Or check all photos within a single listing.

Image Extractor

Makes image codes. Dual purpose tool can:
1. Help you find the right URL to use when your image host presents you with too many options.
2. Pull all your images out of a webpage to make it easier to find or replace an image.


The encryptor will help you hide your source code or can be used to convert text buttons or drop-down lists to non-keyword spamming scripts.


No-Right-Click script for image protection won't interfere with navigation. Concho_softie's script can be added to the bottom of your auction to protect images hosted on eBay or on your own image host.


Replace your self-hosted image code in your description with a simple coverup code.


Make rounded corner images at any color or size to match your template.

HTMLDraw™ Lite

Make imageless template corners and tiny icons using only HTML codes.

Link Shrinker  for shorter eBay Auction, Guide, and Store URLs

Paste a long eBay listing, guide, or store category URL into the slot and click the button to generate a shorter link.

Go directly to the source of an item description.

Item Number:

HTML Mini Practice (click to open tips)

eBay code
limits (bytes):

     Auctions = 500,000 (SYI3 editor)
Inserts = 1000 (TL2) & 4000 (SYI3)
     About ME = 98,304 (96K)
Forums/Groups = 65,534 (64K)
     Guides = 20,000
Groups URL = 79
0 Paste or type your HTML code below and click Preview to see the results.

Your results will appear here...

Other Tools

Other useful online or desktop tools.
  • IrfanView Free Image editor software for PC. Convert file types, resize, compress, and batch-process photos.
  • VicMan's Photo Editor Free photo editor and drawing program for PC.
  • Gimp Photo Editor Free photo editing program for PC, Mac, or Unix.
  • Handy Online utilities to troubleshoot and fix auction problems.
  • Free Online Buttons and Backgrounds.
  • Free Online ClipArt, Buttons, Animated Gifs.
  • FileZilla FTP Free FTP program for quick transfers to your website or image host. Instructions.
  • Internet Explorer FTP Older versions of Internet Explorer have a built in FTP uploader.
  • Composer Free Netscape Navigator (prior to version 8) has a built in eBay-compatible web authoring tool.
  • Nvu Free Web page creator, similar to Composer, is a WYSIWYG page authoring tool.
  • Kompozer Free Web page WYSIWYG page authoring tool, similar to Nvu.

Auction HTML Help Sites

Whether you are starting from scratch or just need a reminder, find the auction help you need on these HTML Help sites — by eBay sellers for eBay sellers.
  • eobcards HTML basics for auctions and ME pages. Simple code examples for all kinds of formatting requirements.
  • ghscruggs Smorgasbord of HTML and auction tips.
  • GOing1nceLLC How to design a custom eBay storefront.
  • *kdwpd* HTML and CSS for eBay and beyond.
  • lesley_feeney eBay help, misc tips, and Me page and Auction template ideas with a feminine touch.
  • mr_plopster Short and sweet little code snippets and charts.
  • nktower In-depth tutorials on several aspects of creating an auction page.
  • tozo121 Step-by-step Html tutorials, HTML editor, auction templates and more.

  • HowToCreate HTML, CSS, and Javascript tutorials with very readable explanations.
  • w3schools Complete training for full websites (but remember, an eBay auction is only a subset of a webpage and limits may apply).
  • Misc Solutions to miscellaneous auction prep questions.
  • eBay Special Store Tags Proprietary eBay tags for stores and shops.

Popular eBay Policies for Auction Templates:

HTML Practice Sites

Share your code with others: Practice your HTML code on these sites: Other Practice sites:


Need a Template for your Auction or Web Page?
  • How to Select a Template
  • These eBay regulars know the ropes and can design a custom template or logo just for you. More info?

    Don't need a custom page? Check out these lists of simple Auction Templates.

    And if you're not ready for a template but still need a better looking auction page, check out Templettes - mini auction templates.

    Although I don't sell my design services, I do have a few auction templates that were created for the free template lists:

    Need a store design? eBay has published a directory of certified store designers and a few sample templates.

    Please me to add to these lists.

    Photography & Lighting

    Setup and lighting tips and tricks by eBay sellers and professionals.

    Lists of Image Hosts

    Find free and pay image hosts on these lists. Learn more about Self-Hosting,
    and how to Set up your own low cost Website,
    or how to set up your own Personal Image Hosting on your site.

    Help Guides

    Guides and Reviews by Shipscript:

    The Design Basics Workshop Series by shipscript, *zip, and merrygocats: Overview - 10 Design Basics

    1. Getting the most from Color
    2. Using Fonts on your Page
    3. Formatting and White space
    4. Using Photos
    5. Backgrounds and Borders
    6. Multimedia
    7. 10 common mistakes

    ShipScript can usually be found on eBay's US HTML help board

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