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Bulk Active Content Editor for eBay Listings BETA

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NOTE The US, CA, AU, UK, DE File Exchange sites allow limited characters based on ISO-8859-1 language limitations.
If you are accessing File Exchange on one of those sites and your listings include unusual characters or special symbols, those may be lost in translation. Please test a single affected listing to verify your special characters.

UPDATE: The 24 Jul 2017 revision of this tool removed the 8K server limit for filters. If you had very large custom search/replace filters that failed to work previously, this recent upgrade should fix that problem.
SET SCAN FILTERS (set all that apply):

Just Archiving? ?
    When a revision is made, its original and revision are both saved. All others are ignored. Below are alternatives for Archiving, where one, both, or neither option may be selected:
  • Save Originals: To archive ALL originals without repairs, select "Save Originals", uncheckmark other filters (if desired), and zip the originals at end of scan.
  • Force Archive: To archive all descriptions, while repairing any that need it, checkmark "Force Archive", set scan filters, and zip repaired files at end of scan.

Alert. The "Change HTTP-to-HTTPS" box produced erroneous results between 23 Sept and 02 Oct. If you used that feature during that period and feel you were affected, please checkmark this box and rescan the affected listings. It will have no effect on other listings.

Mark residual logo codes or widget wrappers to be removed. Use with care, results may vary.
Filters marked  * may change your page appearance. Use carefully. ?

Mark additional Custom code segments that will be removed or replaced before Active Content is removed. Matches must be exact (or regex) to be applied. This custom text section must be open/displayed to be applied.
Find Custom code that:
starts with (reqd)... START:
• Add the starting text here when using the end text box.
• Or find an entire block of code for replacement, without using the end box.
• Regex is allowed here when the end box is not used: /( )/ or /( )/i
• To add text before or after the description without any removal, use keyword <<+BEFORE>> or <<+AFTER>> in this column, with new text in the replacement column.
• To remove all. <<-ALL>>
• To remove <<FROM-START>> to end marker.
ends with (opt)... END:
• Ending text is useful if inner content is long or might vary. If this field is used, all text between, and including, the "start" and "end" will be marked for removal.
• Regex is not allowed.
• To remove from start marker <<TO-END>>, start marker must not be Regex.
replacement (opt)... REPLACEMENT:
• Replacement text or code.
• Leave empty to remove marked content without replacement.
• Regex is not allowed.
• Back references from <<+2>> to <<+99>> are allowed.
• Extract and add Item number <<+ITEMID>> to replacement text.
(Empty filter rows will be ignored.) 0

Job Settings: Copy and save below Job Settings if you would like to run a similar scan in the future. Or paste previously saved settings into this box to populate a new scan.

When the scan completes, scroll down to the Download section to generate revision files for File Exchange.

WARNING: Before you revise numerous listings in bulk, check whether changing URL protocols to https or removing active content will disable important features within your description. If using a template with a clickable or rollover photo gallery, terms tabs, or custom store menu, click the "VIEW" button on one of the item rows here. If those features no longer function when previewed, you may want to have your template redesigned instead of disabling those features through File Exchange.

...item list will display here...

Download results as zip file

You may generate zip files of original content or revised content, in FileExchange CSV format (1) or in HTML/Text format (2). Only descriptions that were altered by the scan rules are saved in all formats. Unaltered descriptions were skipped and not saved for retrieval unless you had already selected the "save originals" scan option. The last Scan Report (3) is limited to revised descriptions and does not include any originals.

Since zip processing may take some time, and generated files may be rather large, please consider generating only those files you may need. When files are generated, links will appear in the boxes below that can be clicked to download the results. Multiple files will appear if the number or size of files exceeds FileExchange job limits.

+1. Description Spreadsheets for File Exchange

+2. Description HTML Files

+3. Scan Reports

Not all eBay sites support an eBay File Exchange bulk upload tool, but eBay's upload tool will support items listed on different sites. If you are able to access eBay's tool, you should be able to upload item revisions posted on different eBay sites.
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Bulk Find/Replace tool for eBay Descriptions and Active Content:

Reduce the pain of bulk editing descriptions. This tool will capture your item descriptions and remove Active Content and non-eBay links, or Find/Replace custom text in those copies. Accepts wildcard formulas for search criteria, and returns original, edited, and CSV-formatted descriptions that work with eBay's File Exchange for automating the revision process. A full replacement scan, ready for File Exchange, may require a half hour to complete and will save days of tedious editing.

Please note that this tool does NOT revise your listings. It will prepare a revision file that is ready to bulk upload to eBay's File Exchange.

Simplified step-by-step instructions can be found on this page (opens in a new window).

Just Archiving?

This tool can be used to archive descriptions in addition to, or instead of, revising descriptions. After the list of item numbers loads, select one of the archiving options at the top of the Scan Setup screen.

Is this tool helpful?

While I would like to keep this tool free to use, our server has a bill to pay. So if you find this tool helpful, please consider a no-obligation donation to our server at the bottom of this page.


The tool will scan items found publicly on eBay, without accessing your account, and can not search adult or out-of-stock items, since those items are not publicly viewable. The tool will advise which of your listings contain Active Content and will generate files with filtered content stripped and replaced (the tool does not directly edit your listings). Those revision files can be used in other tools to modify your listings.

This tool can scan up to 10,000 items (approx 500 items per minute). Use the search criteria to reduce the search range if you have more than 10,000 items, thus creating subgroupings based on category, price, or date order.

For large jobs, more than 10,000 items, adult content, or stock control, open the Advanced Instructions below to learn how to use your FileExchange data as input to this tool.

Overlaps If scanning while listings are being added or removed, the results may have overlaps or gaps in data returned from eBay, as the tool will be retrieving from a moving target. The overlaps are captured here to adjust the totals, and you can ignore them. The gaps can only be captured by a subsequent scan at a later time.

Untested This tool will build a list of up to 10,000 active items. All untested item rows will remain purple. Any that remain purple after the scan has completed have encountered a scan problem. Try scanning those items individually in the ActiveContentSandbox tool. If the scan stalls on a page, click the next page number to skip the problem and continue the scan.

No Active content When no Active Content, link violations, or SSL media issues are found in an item, its row will turn white. That item complies with eBay's Active Content rules and will not trigger a revision file.

Violations If the "Remove Active Content", "Remove non-eBay Links", or "Repair Link Targets" option has been selected in settings, then items with these issues will turn red. The Active Content and non-eBay links will be removed from the revision file, and link targets will be corrected in the revision file. If other selected issues are found in these listings, they will also be included under this summary heading and will be revised,

SSL Media If SSL media issues are found, the row will turn orange and http will be converted to https in the revision file. SSL remediation is optional, so this filter must be selected by the user to be applied. When selected, listings with SSL issues that also contain violations will be reported in the violations summary rather then in the SSL summary, although the SSL issues will still be addressed.

Widgets & Custom Checkmarking widget removals or using the find/replace filters in the scan settings will return results in yellow (widgets) or blue (find/replace) in the grid. The custom filters will be tested before the other standard filters are applied, and items modified by any one of the custom filters or widget filters will be added to a summary list. The act of removing a custom block of text may also remove some active content that is reported in the active content list. Custom modifications (widgets or find/replace) will trigger a revision file.

No Custom Additionally, when custom filters and widgets are selected, any item that does not appear in the Custom list will appear in the No-Custom list, but will not be marked in the grid.

NOTE: If no revisions were made to any of the descriptions, and if no archiving options were chosen, there will be no descriptions to zip and save.

Click to open Advanced INSTRUCTIONS...

Thank You!

If you use this tool multiple times or have more than 1000 listings, please consider a donation. Our tools are ad-free and have no other source of support. Our server happily accepts PayPal donations to help defray the cost of scanning millions of listings daily.

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