CyberSpace Freedom Series

ISDN was developed as a global solution for communications, interaction, and virtual connectivity, whether through the Internet, LANs, WANs, remote control, or peer-to-peer sessions. Addressing the need for reliable PC access to this wonderful medium, ISDN*tek has developed the CyberSpace Freedom Series of ISDN access cards. Because these cards are designed exclusively for ISDN, they connect local calls virtually instantaneously, with tremendous speed and reliability advantages over analog modems.

All the CyberSpace Freedom Series cards provide a WinISDN driver that can be addressed by application software through the industry standard WinISDN interface, for full utilization of all the bandwidth ISDN has to offer. Cards are available for Internet access, TeleCommuters, and for demanding Enterprise environments. An Integral NT1 version is also available for each type of card. The CyberSpace Freedom Card your Interface to CyberSpace!


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